Meet Michael

At the age of six, Michael was taught how to sew by his grandmother. He then went on and studied Fashion Interpretation in Nottingham and finished the course achieving the highest grade possible. Moving on from cutting fabric in his garden shed, he moved to London where he spent a year working in a bridal department at a sewing and training superstore.

Michael was named emerging designer of the year at the Midlands Fashion awards in 2014.

After displaying his women’s collections at London Fashion Week and in LA, fashion designer Michael Wallace has launched his first ever men’s line at the Prince’s Trust Samsung Celebrate Success Awards.

The Ilkeston based fashion designer was nominated to showcase at the event by Liz Cheetham from The Prince’s Trust, and the charity’s board chose Michael to display his new men’s collection at the event, which took place at The Derby Roundhouse on November 9 2015.

Following five years of specialising in bespoke women’s wear and wedding dress designs, the planned menswear line will be marketed under The House of Michael Wallace brand, and will offer smart and classy ready-to-wear outfits for the male fashionista.

Michael was selected the close the House of Ikons fashion show at London Fashion week 2016.

Now an independent fashion designer based in Nottingham, he creates mens and women’s wear; attacking the fashion scene with exclusive couture garments for the runway and the high street. By taking inspiration from all forms of life and objects Michael is able to use his imagination to create something truly unique for his clients.

Any enquiries about garments, fashion shows or future projects please don’t hesitate to contact Michael.